Frequently Asked Questions

You can place about 4 Blossombs on 1m2.

You can just put them on the soil and throw water over them, then they will bloom on their own. You are not supposed to dig them in.

The Blossombs contains an organic wild flower seed mix. This consists of the following flower seeds: Phacelia, flax, yellow mustard, coriander, flax dab, mallow, poppy, bolderik, cornflower, chamomile, Persian clover, incarnate clover, Alexandrian clover.

Some seeds appear immediately at the beginning of the season (Mar/Apr), others only at the end (September/Oct), so with 1 Blossomb you actually have flowers the whole season!

That can take a few weeks after germination! Flowers only grow from spring when it gets warmer.

But beware (!) they are wild flowers and they only grow outside with enough space, light and above all: food. You can grow them indoors and they will germinate, but to grow them further there is simply not enough food in a pot.

The Blossombs are intended for outdoor use and then they work just like all ordinary seeds and flowers in nature. Where a Blossombs has several seeds that germinate in different periods. Some seeds germinate in the spring, others in the summer or even after. This way the bees (and you) can enjoy flowers all season long.

In short, patience is required until nature does its work.

We recommend spreading the Blossombs outside from March to September. Some plants emerge at the beginning of the season, others at the end of the season.

If you throw them outside during the winter period, they will start growing in the spring (provided they are not eaten by birds or other insects).

A Blossomb is 2 cm in diameter

  1. Put some bird food nearby, about 5 meters away from your Blossombs. The birds will then be more likely to approach the food and leave the Blossombs.
  2. Make sure there are no "smart" birds (crows, magpies and jackdaws) around when you want to plant the Blossombs. Because if you walk around and put things on the ground in the line of sight of such a smart bird, you can be sure that they will look at it (and take it with them) shortly after you're gone!
  3. Plant the Blossombs when the soil is moist and soft and then gently push them into the soil with your shoe. Note: do not dig in completely (!), but cover them with a bit of reed, tree bark or a few leaves.

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