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How does it work?

It actually works very simply: throw the Blossombs wherever you want flowers: in your garden, along the ditch or on a bare piece of land in and around the urban areas. Blossombs do not have to be buried, but you can press lightly into the earth if necessary. Then wait for the rain or use a watering can. After a few days they ‘burst’ open and you will see small plants appear.

Then it will take a few more weeks before you, the bee and the butterflies can enjoy the wild flowers! In short: patience is required until nature does its work.

Blossombs flower 'bombs'

The flower bombs are made of natural clay, organic wild flower seeds and natural color pigments. Blossombs have a shelf life of more than 2 years and produce flowers from spring to autumn that attract bees and butterflies.

The organic flower seed mix consists of: Alexandrine clover, Bolderik, Incarnate clover, Flax, Mallow, Poppy, Phacelia, Cornflower, Coriander, Persian clover, Flax dotter and Yellow mustard.

Some seeds germinate in the spring, others in the summer or even after. This way the bees (and you too) can enjoy flowers all season long. In short: patience is required until nature does its work.

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