At Blossombs we LOVE color and especially when there’s color in nature! And you would too if you knew how important colorful flowers are for the biodiversity and the survival of

our planet.  

Because more color in the world means more flowers in the world and more flowers means more food for the bees!


Throw your Blossombs everywhere and color your world: in your garden, along roadside ditches, wasteland areas, in a pot on your balcony, or wherever you

want flowers! 

All you have to do is wait for the rain to fall (or use a watering can) and the Blossombs will do the rest!

Our challenge: how do you encourage as many people as possible to spread seed bombs for more biodiversity and food for the bees?

Therefore you need something that is not only affordable for everyone, attractive for everyone (for both people and bees) but also possible to produce locally, sustainable, in large numbers, and in a short period of time.


Our solution: Blossombs! The first colorful seed bombs, machine-produced in The Netherlands with 100% natural ingredients and organic seeds.


We also offer custom design for the promotional gifts market (with your logo or own design) and private-label for retailers!

Custom design is possible from 100 pieces and

private-label from 5,000 pieces.

Blossombs are available in 9 natural pigments: Green, Mint, Camel, Dark Brown, Ochre Yellow, Ivory, Pink Blush, Dusty Rose & Terra Red